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GR Nature

GR NatureGR Nature epitomises exceptional quality with timeless design. Renowned for its beautiful linen collections in the summer and luxury jersey wools in winter, GR nature offers an innovative take on the classics. The design is pure and classical, with a high degree of functionality and focus on quality. The design team works primarily with natural ecological materials sourced locally and from Europe, but they do not hesitate to use other sustainable fabrics when the key is to create clothes with a distinct character.

Designed and made in Lithuania, this long standing company, founded in 1952 is one of the oldest and most successful company’s in Vilnius. Built on the core philosophy of high quality sewing, ethical production and sustainability, GR Nature prides itself on its long-lasting business traditions.

The Company is totally unique with regards to its social responsibilities and programmes. It holds a Social Company status since 2003 and has a close partnership with Lithuanian AD (Association of the Deaf).  GR Nature supports the AD by employing a high percent of its workforce who have a hearing disability and in addition provides support for the publishing of their newspapers, children summer camps, theatre, sport events as well as other social integration programs.

Attention to beauty, quality and style alongside its high values, allows GR Nature to stand out from the crowd.

Showing at Pure Stand A65: 9-11 February 2020 (click here)
Next showroom selling dates: 15 January – 6 March 2020

Sales enquiries: Sarah Calder   T: + 44 (0) 7702 043973   E: sarahc@cinnamonfa.com
Sales enquiries: Rachel Page   T: + 44 (0) 7474 220203   E: rachelp@cinnamonfa.com

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