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Ese O Ese

eseoese logoEse O Ese, the Spanish womenswear brand, captures fashion trends and subtly reworks them to create a casual, romantic and irresistibly wearable range of clothing which appeals to the ‘urban chic’, feminine woman.

The premise of the brand is to focus on the natural – using Nature’s colours combined with beautiful soft fabrics and delicate prints – with the emphasis on comfort and quality.  The clothing, scarves and jewellery, whilst being thoroughly modern, have a rustic aura and retain a vintage feel.

Next showroom selling dates: 27 January – 6 March 2020

Sales enquiries: Sarah Calder   T: + 44 (0) 7702 043973   E: sarahc@cinnamonfa.com
Sales enquiries: Rachel Page   T: + 44 (0) 7474 220203   E: rachelp@cinnamonfa.com

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